Specialists in the production of tools
producing traditional agricultural implements and precision
tools using high quality thermally treated carbon steel
with computer controlled accuracy

Siam Hoes


Established just over thirty years ago to produce agricultural implements for both domestic and overseas markets. We are a part of a privately owned group of companies specialising in the production of tools using quality carbon steel, hot thermal processing and computer controlled heat treatment.

During its thirty year existence, Siam Hoes has produced literally millions of hoes and forks under our Golden Lizard brand trademark as well as various other brands under licensing arrangements for overseas buyers.

But more than agricultural implements, we also manufacture precision made guillotine shears blades, press brakes, replacement blades, crank presses, power saw and hack saw blades, etc. The group has also significant finishing machinery and heat treatment facilities and we undertake contract work for other companies where quality engineering is a prerequisite.

We welcome your enquiries for our implement and guillotine knife ranges as well as
ways we can assist you with our machining and thermal heat treatment capabilities.